(Water)Fall in love with Heather & Will

You know how the saying goes: "get up early in the morning and it'll be worth it"? This phrase couldn't be any more true as we woke up at 4:30am for our hiking adventure with Will and Heather. We were one of the first parties to get to the trailhead, and we set a goal of arriving to our final destination sooner than later. Arriving early has its benefits since for some time, we had the place to ourselves and it was easy to go at our own pace while taking in all the sights (and sounds) being surrounded by nature.

On the way up, we spontaneously made a pit stop on a tranquil section of the trail before carrying on to the waterfall. Will and Heather were total troopers, from keeping up with us on the trail to changing into their outfits several times and braving the chilly mist that came off of the waterfall. After all was said and done, we logged around 4 miles round trip.

Throughout the day, it was no secret that their passion for love was beautiful to see, with random acts of fun by the way of trying poses, dancing, and jokes with plenty of smiles to go around. Thank you Will and Heather for coming out on a hiking adventure with us!