Throwback Thursday: The Smith Family


The cold December morning we had set up to do the Smith's family shoot felt like out of a fantasy dream, the low fog that was hanging around South Seattle made some cool photos!

Jason, JoAnna, Ethan and Apple were a BLAST to work with. They decided to do their family shoot at the Kubota Gardens, known for their gorgeous Japanese maple trees and botanicals in the spring time.

IMG_3130 copy.jpg

The key thing we wanted to make sure was that everybody was comfortable in front of the camera, especially working with a toddler! Good thing for us Ethan was a NATURAL (like we knew he would be). He struck poses, smiled and smized throughout the morning.

IMG_3351 copy.jpg

We brought along a red truck and a couple of glittery wands that Ethan immediately fell in love with. Even though the wheels of the red truck didn't move, Ethan made sure the truck was well used! Those made for some good prop shots and encouraged Ethan to be curious about the camera. After capturing some quick family shots, we started walking towards various key spots in the park. Ethan spotted the Koi fish swimming around in a pond, which made for a perfect detour to capture some natural shots of the family.

20171209_tf_0143 copy.jpg
Toby behind the scenes | By Sara Jane Fair

Toby behind the scenes | By Sara Jane Fair


Knowing the Smith family wanted to use the photos from this day's photoshoot for their Christmas cards, we made sure to add a cute mistletoe prop in middle of a tree clearing. This portion of the morning was so fun as Ethan showed us facial expressions when his parents kissed under the mistletoe! 

IMG_3500 copy.jpg

When Ethan started getting a little tired (and maybe a little hungry) we knew it was near his nap time, so we ended the photoshoot with some pretty aerial kid shots! Jason made a special request to "throw Ethan" in the air, we didn't know this and weren't sure what to expect but it turned out wonderfully! We think this was Ethan’s favorite part of the day!

IMG_3723 copy.jpg

We truly enjoyed our time with these four walking around, chatting and laughing throughout the photoshoot that morning. It was freezing cold, but with the warm company we were in--we felt like family. Thank you for letting us shoot your beautiful family!

Do you have a favorite prop(s) to work with when on a shoot with toddlers or children? Tell us all about your prop(s)!